One voice to makes our world be better.. ^^ (For All of my friends)

This note I got from my sister who is so wonderful.

Sist, with your permission I pour it into my blog.  May be a lesson to us 🙂


I lost a lot of smile when I back home today.. I can’t saw the beautiful sky at sunset time.. Just busy with the sad questions.. My heart was grumbling with many questions when I saw the web page “Everybody Draw ******** Day” that yelling about the freedom of speech.

When I saw all of their wall post, the sadness appeared suddenly with a lot of question why.. why… so many people are using faith to abuse others.. and they use religion mask for provocation.. I can’t find the answer till now.. 😦

I live in abroad almost one year… and still can be myself here.. I am proud to be Muslimah.. Still wear my hijab…doing sholat everyday, fasting in Ramadhan and nice Eid ul-Fitr.. Have great friends that most of them are not Moslem.. Live peaceful.. They have tolerance and respect

I never saw the value of person from their religion because the faith is something personal that only you and Allah and I believe that nobody in this world have a right to judge people from his faith even if a Moslem, Christian, Jews, Hindu, Buddhist or event Atheist.

We have many diversities.. different cultures, languages, woman or man, young or old but we live in one world.. We don’t have any place except our precious earth. We should live peaceful because we are humankinds; we are perfect creatures that have heart and mind. Difference faith or religion should not make us become the lowest kind that full with abhorrence, intrigue, arrogant and narcissism.

Let’s inherit a better world for our successors.. Siapa yang menabur angin akan menuai badai.. Don’t let penniless provocation make us hurt each others. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean you have right to hurt others.. Please use your wisdom and heart as perfect creature that has dignity.

For my moslem brothers and sisters: Still hold your faith.. Please show that we are peaceful and cannot be burned by abhorrence, intrigue, arrogant and narcissism.

“May the road rise up to meet you,
may the wind be ever at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face
and the rain fall softly on your fields.
And until we meet again, may Allah hold you in the hollow of his hand.” (Irish’s proverb)


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