The Friendship

you’re a professional
with many problem in your life,
you can handle everything like before.

Issues of friendship may be the biggest problem for you
but as usual when you think about friendship
you will find a solution, and friendship will have a good condition

Friends will keep you smiling, cheerful, laughing, hopeful and everything
but friends also make you crying, angry, useless and other.

your friends with a lot of character
your friends with a lot of background
that make you always learn, why they are have the reason.

If your friends are angry with you,
Give a little time and space for them to think about the problem
after that, try to make your friends smile back
and considers the most important is you friend in life

Your friends always make you have a lot stories in your life
you’re life becomes colourful, and your friends always by your side when your need it

Always hope, we’re friendship eternal forever


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